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Our professionals at Grape Advice LLC provide advice to private buyers/sellers/collectors, restaurants, event planners, and other wine enthusiasts on most things involving wine. All of our professionals hold a minimum WSET Level 3 certification or higher. We specialize in advising our clients on the various aspects of the wine industry whether they seek to build a diverse cellar, a customer-friendly wine list for their restaurant(s), or build a tasting menu for an event! We also host a fun blog where we review and discuss various wines, producers, and other wine-related topics such as viticulture and vinification techniques.

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Thank you for visiting! Our website is in the process of being completely revamped. Grape things are coming!

About Grape Advice LLC

Grape Advice LLC was started as a passion project after decades of exploring the wine industry. It began with reds, evolved to whites, and now encompassess everything in between. A salesman by trade and enthusiast by choice our founder decided to make it official by launching grapeadvice.com. Our goal is to provide great (or grape if you will…) advice to those that seek it in hopes they too find the enjoyment and value in a centuries-old tradition beloved by many. Cheers!

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